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7th April 2018
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Wedisson Award Winner Again!

A short time ago I took a couple to Formby Beach for a Post Wedding Shoot.  We had great ideas about a ‘Trash the Dress’ style shoot where the couple would be in the sea but after a couple of hours in the surrounding forest we were all getting rather cold, so the thought of getting wet was more than we could cope with!

Dave and Lisa were amazing to work with – relaxed, comfortable with being posed and obviously very much in love.  The few hours we spent wandering around simply flew by.

Formby Beach is an amazing place for a photoshoot.  There are areas just minutes apart that give a completely different look and feel for a shot.

I really like this spot and have used it a couple of times now, you might recognise a similar image from the front cover of my brochure.

This image actually did make it into my brochure.  I love the sunlight literally smashing its way through the tree’s yet still falling softly on Dave and Lisa.

As the sun began to set I had to break out the off-camera flash gear for the following creative shots.  This is basically a big flash on a stand that I can trigger from a distance.  If you know how to use this kit you can get amazing results!

This final image was entered into The Wedisson Award’s, an international Wedding Photography competition and won!  I am fortunate that this is the second time I have won a Wedisson Award, the first time being with Rob and Emmas Broadoaks Country House and Cathedral Cavern Wedding image


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