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13th December 2017
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From Military Policeman to Lancashire Wedding Photographer?


People often ask how I ended up changing from a career as a Military Policeman to becoming a Full Time Professional Wedding Photographer in Lancashire? The answer is quite simple, my passion for Photography has been there for as long as I can remember.

I joined the Royal Air Force when I was 19 years old as a Military Policeman. Fortunately for me this also included some camera work, which I received training for by the British Armed Forces, the best training in the world that money simply cannot buy.

My camera travelled the world with me.

Military personnel boarding a Chinook helicopter in Oman.

British Military Land Rovers and tents at night in Kuwait

In fact the only day I have not been allowed to use my camera was the day of my own wedding. It did however make it on my Honeymoon to Kenya.

The view from a bus along a Kenyan RoadA Massai child looks into the camera lens in Kenya.

Policeman to Private Investigator

When my Military career ended, the next chapter in my life was working as a Private Investigator. My Camera was the most useful, trusted and used work tool of my trade. Everywhere I went, so did my camera.

Investigator to Award Winning Lancashire Wedding Photographer

I started my Career as a Professional Wedding Photographer by offering to shoot for free and asking Photographers if I could second shoot for them. Sometimes this would only involve carrying and setting up their equipment. I would watch and learn, occasionally getting to shoot some images for the couple, before I moved on to covering Groom Prep on my own, later covering entire weddings.

The most invaluable training however came from attending Neil Redfern and Liam Crawley workshops. Neil is a phenomenal photographer and I cannot recommend these workshops enough, for  anyone who is wanting to further their knowledge in camera use. I still attend Neil’s workshops to this day.  Liam is an amazing and quite unique photographer and I am lucky to have been called on by him to second shoot for him on a number of occasions.

Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer takes years of hard work, from learning the basics of light management to controlling a room full of wedding guests for a group shot requested by the Bride and Groom.  There are no shortcuts and there are no easy routes, however the job satisfaction I get is immense!


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